The Wonders of Sunrise

Last night I didn’t sleep at all. By the very wee hours I was exceptionally frustrated. All I wanted to do was sleep. As the sky just began to lighten I went to sit on the porch. At least if I began complaining about lack of sleep no one would have to hear it. But as I sat there I experienced again the wonders of sunrise.

The Wonders of Sunrise

The Wonders of Sunrise


Getting to Work on the Flower Beds

After procrastinating for a couple of weeks because I was a big baby about my sprained foot we are finally getting to work on the flower beds! It’s going to take a lot to restore them but the start we got to today makes me feel confident.

Getting to Work on the Flower Beds

Getting to Work on the Flower Beds

Memorial Day Memories

Today is a day that most people shop sales, hold barbecues, and party. But for some of us Memorial Day memories aren’t as lighthearted. I want to take the time to remind everyone what Memorial Day should really be about.

Memorial Day Memories

PLEASE read Memorial Day Memories

One Pan Sweet Pepper Chicken Meal

Not long ago I made Sweet Pepper Chicken and it was good. But I wanted to up the game a bit and make it even better. Then I decided I needed to make it a one pan meal. I reinvented the Sweet Pepper Chicken and created One Pan Sweet Pepper Chicken Meal.

One Pan Sweet Pepper Chicken Meal

Meet and Greet: 5/26/17

Danny’s Meet & Greets are always a way to find great new blogs! C’mon and join in the fun!

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!! Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!

Ok so here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.
  2. Reblog this post. It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!
  3. Edit your reblog post and add tags.
  4. Feel free to leave your link multiple times! It is okay to update your link for more exposure every day if you want. It is up to you!

  5. Share this post on social media. Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

See ya on Monday!!

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Patriotic Pasta Salad

What could be more patriotic than a red, white, and blue pasta salad at your Memorial Day or 4th of July barbecue? Serve a simple, classic pasta salad and an all-American side dish when you make Patriotic Pasta Salad!

Patriotic Pasta Salad is a familiar taste with a colorful new look!

Patriotic Pasta Salad

Life with a Sprained Foot

Since I fell on my butt taking pictures nearly two weeks ago I’ve discovered life with a sprained foot isn’t easy. I have a list of chores a mile long and I can’t do most of them. But, thanks to Mr. Comfortable and Pete life with a sprained foot isn’t all bad!

Life with a sprained foot

Life with a sprained foot