The New Comfortable Coop

Mr. C and I are settling in at the New Comfortable Coop. We made the move in late August and are still working on sorting through boxes and finding places to put everything. The issue with the new comfortable coop is that it’s shared with our youngest son’s family so there are some (a lot) of duplicate items, especially in the kitchen!

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Time Traveling Hen

The title is a little misleading. I’m not talking about an actual time traveling hen. That would be amazing and I’d like to go with any hen who could time travel but in this case I’m talking about me and the blog.


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District Court, a phone charger, and a knife

Last winter Mr. C and I had the thrilling opportunity to visit one of Michigan’s larger cities. For any of you who know me even a little you know that I would rather stick a fork in my left eye than be anywhere near a city. I get itchy if I can find livestock within a hundred yards. The visit was even more exciting because it became District Court, a phone charger, and a knife.

The Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is located in Flint. Most of you have heard of the water crisis in Flint but not all of you may know that Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in Michigan. When I heard that was where Mr. C and I had to go I had some slight misgivings. “We’re going to die there,” I told Mr. C. “and they’ll probably never even find our bodies.” I stated this because I believe it’s important to lay the cards on the table. “There are no cows in Flint.” This was, to me, even more of an affront than being killed there.


Mr. C and my youngest son, Pete, tried to reassure me. The court was located in the downtown part of the city. Thousands of people worked in offices downtown every day. Instead of being reassured that people went to downtown Flint and returned home daily I thought of it as a target-rich environment. That meant that my chances of survival were increased because every potential spree killer would have more of a choice of victims. Mr. C and Pete weren’t happy about my reasoning but anything that would get me into the car was a plus.

Our lawyer had told us that the judge for that court was so sweet his actual name was Sweet. I still pictured a black-robed tyrant who would grill us on every aspect of our non-existent finances then take away my kitchen towels and personal photographs. I envisioned leaving the courthouse in nothing but our underwear and with our 9 year old car having been seized to pay off medical bills.

As it turned out, the judge was every bit as affable as our lawyer had indicated. He strode into the room smiling and made a joke about how nervous we all looked. Every single person on the docket was together in that room and we were all there for the same reason. Most of us felt like complete failures but Judge Sweet assured us it was nothing to hang our heads about.

Then he hit us with the news I’d been expecting since I heard the word “Flint.” “Usually people want to be first,” said the smiling judge. “but today I think you’ll be happier if you’re somewhere in the middle or the end.” I wondered what would make anyone want to sit in this little basement courtroom for any longer than necessary and found out immediately why it would be great. “There’s a man outside the building who seems to be very upset about something. He’s waving a phone charger and a large knife and shouting at a brick wall.” Now THIS was the Flint I’d been expecting. A crazed man with a knife and some bone to pick with a wall, apparently over a phone charger. Or perhaps a missing phone.

man with knife

We went on with the cases normally although the first few people to finish up seemed a bit reluctant to leave. By the time Judge Sweet called Mr. C and I to his desk I felt it was probably relatively safe to become bankrupt and leave the courthouse. It was. The irate phone charger owner had been removed by the local constabulary and all was quiet.

Mr. C commented in the car that he’d expected me to leap from my seat and flee as soon as I was made aware of the knife-wielding man outside. “Ha!” This was not a show of courage. I’d seriously considered running away but then realized I was in the interior of a divided room, at the far end of a long hallway in the basement of a Federal Courthouse which was filled with heavily armed men. I was staying put.

Once on our way home I began to relax. Which means I quit obsessively trying to re-lock the car doors. When we finally reached that part of the drive that included frequent views of cows I was able to get my shoulders down from ear level.

But I’ll go to my grave wondering what the building did to that man and his phone charger.

The Comfortable Coop Challenge

It’s been a little over a year since I last posted anything. Now that time has passed and I’m beginning to come to terms with late 2017 and pretty much all of 2018, I think it’s time to get back to it. Things have changed radically since I last was with you. For many months I felt it was the end of life but now I see it as The Comfortable Coop Challenge.

What’s the challenge? Well, since my last post Mr. Comfortable and I lost our home…the Comfortable Coop is gone. As I’ve said, cancer is expensive and we just couldn’t keep up with the bills and the rest of our life. So, we declared bankruptcy, surrendered the house, and left. That was the beginning of the challenge.

Since that time I’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition. This required two hospital stays in July. I also got to wear a really fun “event monitor” for a couple of weeks. That was another challenge.

Finally, the biggest challenge has been starting to turn our new place into The Comfortable Coop +. Our youngest son and his wife insisted we move in with them so we could keep the dogs (Remy & Henry) and the ducks (Freckles & Penguin). Rental places are very adamant about no dogs over 100 lbs, no dogs that look like Pitbulls, and no ducks of any kind. The idea that we could keep our critters, be with family, and still have our own space was wonderful. It was also terrifying. Living with our son and his family might be great but it might also turn into a nightmare.

We have a new granddaughter since last I was here. She’s the light of my life (along with the other 7 grand babies) and you’ll be hearing a lot about her and the other kids.

Now that we’re starting this new chapter I thought it might be time to talk about The Comfortable Coop Challenge and reconnect.

I hope to talk with old friends and make new ones along the way with this new journey.


Parmesan Meatballs

Keeping meatballs in the freezer is something I have done for years. Whether they’re Italian, Greek, Swedish, or plain they always come in handy. One variety I haven’t made in a while is Parmesan meatballs. It’s crazy not to have these on hand! They are great for spaghetti and meatballs or for my favorite Parmesan meatball subs!

Parmesan meatballs

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Hoosier Pork Sandwich

Our oldest son, Paul has lived in Indiana for over a decade. While I’m not thrilled with having him and his family so far away I have discovered some great food down there! One dish I would never have thought of on my own is the Hoosier Pork Sandwich! This is a delicious, enormous sandwich that is an Indiana tradition.

Hoosier Pork Sandwich

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