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The Word

This is a post from when the blog was brand new. I added some pictures when I reposted it. I pray you enjoy it 🙂

Todays verses seem to be all about giving. Giving freely to those who need it, with no expectations of what this will gain me down the road.

We’ve all heard this right, its better to give than receive, what comes around goes around, and miraculously there it is right in the Bible.

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I don’t think I always knew how to give or what to give, I barely had enough to get through the day, how was I suppose to give? If I did give, it wasn’t freely, there was always the expectation that I’ll get something in return.

The reality is, we all have something to give.

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“But I don’t have money” so, give your attention, listen…

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Cowboy Skillet Meal

Recipes that are delicious, inexpensive, and don’t create a sink full of dishes are high up on my list of “must makes.” Cowboy Skillet Meal is one of those meals. Everything, including the noodles cooks in one skillet! And if you have leftovers it’s even better the second day!

Cowboy Skillet Meal

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10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter

As much as I hate the very idea, winter is coming. Along with all the fun things like dead car batteries, slips and fall, and (for some of us) increased pain, winter can wreak havoc with your skin. But never fear! Here are 10 Ways to save your skin from winter!

10 ways to save your skin from winter

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Mennonite Salisbury Steak

When we lived in Illinois we attended a church that was an off-shoot of the Mennonites. Every Sunday there was a community meal served after the service. It was there that I collected so many wonderful recipes from the Mennonites and also from the Amish folk. Mennonite Salisbury Steak is a simple, comforting meal you’ll love.

Mennonite Salisbury Steak

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Galactic Color Bottles

I just discovered The Hansen House blog and I’m already in love! The next time Eileen and the grand kids get together with us we’re making these!

The Hansen House

This morning was rainy and gray.  The kind of morning you stay in your comfy clothes, turn up the Shins channel on your Apple radio, and smile when the oh-so-cliche yet awesomely nostalgic tunes of the Postal Service and Sufjan Stevens come on next.  The perfect kind of morning for a colorful art project with the kids and the big, beautiful mess that comes with it.

Our little girl is just reaching the age appropriate for learning the names of colors and our boy is fascinated by all things color-mixing.  This project has elements for them both.  I made similar bottles for our son a couple of years ago (using found objects and knick-knacks sorted by color in bottles) and they were a hit.  A big one!  So when I recently stumbled upon the pinterest crafting trend of creating a “nebula in a jar” (I’m sorry, though… what exactly is a Nebula?  I digress)…

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Forced Intimacy: An Ableist Norm

Having find myself, too often, being to accept the touch of strangers I found this article important.

Leaving Evidence

Photo of my wheelchair in a dark room, silhouetted against a doorway, with a large shirt outlined in lights hanging against a dark wall.

“Forced Intimacy” is a term I have been using for years to refer to the common, daily experience of disabled people being expected to share personal parts of ourselves to survive in an ableist world. This often takes the form of being expected to share (very) personal information with able bodied people to get basic access, but it also includes forced physical intimacy, especially for those of us who need physical help that often requires touching of our bodies. Forced intimacy can also include the ways that disabled people have to build and sustain emotional intimacy and relationships with someone in order to get access—to get safe, appropriate and good access.

I have experienced forced intimacy my entire life as a disabled child, youth and adult…

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Meatless Surprise Wrapped in Mystery

These look so delicious I had to share! Dolly is an amazing cook and storyteller!


Churchill described Russia’s actions as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”


Almost fifty years before the brilliant British statesman issued his famous phrase, a Russian artist Sergei Malyutin had a similar idea. Tzar Nicholas II, who ascended the Russian throne in 1894, promoted Russian culture, arts, and crafts. Granted, in a way it was an attempt to dissuade public resentment of his German wife. However, the Tzar himself had a hobby to which he would dedicate most of his time and attention – woodcarving. The monarch’s hobby inspired so-called “Russian style” in arts, specifically focused on the old-fashioned village children’s toys.  The royal family sponsored a workshop called “Children’s Nurturing” which created dolls dressed in regional Russian national costumes. It is in this workshop that Malyutin conceived the idea of a nestling doll that took the world by a storm and became a symbol and epitome of…

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