Learning to Sew Part IV

Since getting my sewing machine I’ve been dying to use it! There was the delay because I had to buy the oil for it and losing Eileen (my tutor) and it was making me crazy! I wanted to actually accomplish something! So, for Learning to Sew Part IV I decided to fix a pair of jeans. It did not go as well as I’d hoped but I learned things!

Learning to sew is an adventure!

Learning to Sew Part IV


Learning to Sew Part III

I’ve been so excited since my sewing machine arrived that it’s been hard to sleep. Seriously. I’ve been that excited about learning to sew! My tutor was supposed to come on Friday to show me how to get started but there was a glitch so Learning to Sew Part III got pushed back.

Sewing is a really useful skill to learn!

Learning to Sew Part III

Learning to Sew Part II

Way back last May I wrote that I really need to learn to sew. I’ve been really afraid of sewing for a long time and the reasons are listed in Learning to Sew. This isn’t a fear of not being able to learn. It’s a real fear of injury which I explain in the post from May. But now I have no excuses because of the incredible generosity of someone who sent me *drum roll please* a sewing machine!

My beautiful new sewing machine!

Learning to Sew Part II

Learning to Sew

My mother’s mother, whom we called Nana, could sew anything. She sewed curtains that could hang in a mansion and wedding dresses that were a dream. Nana sewed winter coats and summer dresses and everything in between. My brother, who was 23 years older than I, also sewed. He is the father of five sons and sewed all the maternity clothes for my sister-in-law. He could sew tiny little baby shirts and itty bitty pants. Nana and Larry were so gifted at sewing. Then there’s me.

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