Parmesan Meatballs

Keeping meatballs in the freezer is something I have done for years. Whether they’re Italian, Greek, Swedish, or plain they always come in handy. One variety I haven’t made in a while is Parmesan meatballs. It’s crazy not to have these on hand! They are great for spaghetti and meatballs or for my favorite Parmesan meatball subs!

Parmesan meatballs

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Cheesy Chicken Stuffing Bake Two Ways

We’ve been having a late heat wave and it’s really taking a toll on me. I like the hot weather but it’s been in the 90’s every day for about a week and that increased my pain levels exponentially. Because of this I’ve been trying to make meals I can double. I get dinner and a freezer meal. That’s why I made Cheesy Chicken Stuffing Bake Two Ways.

Cheesy Chicken Stuffing Bake Two Ways

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Three Cheese Baked Penne

Lately I haven’t made any freezer meals and I really do miss having some for those days when I just can’t cook. But I have an easy recipe that will feed us one the night I make it and provide a freezer meal for the future. Three Cheese Baked Penne is like a bonus meal since I get two dinners and only cook once!

Three Cheese Baked Penne

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10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend

The last couple of weeks have been really rough on my physically. I think the weather played a large part since it was in the 60’s one day then the 30’s the next and continued to roller-coaster that way. I’ve also had a flare of the CRPS which scares the heck out of me. And the worst part was that I felt so awful I didn’t want to cook and we ate take-out twice! I finally decided I needed to restock my freezer meals and I thought I’d share what I made with 10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend.

10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend

10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend


Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

When I went on my little freezer meal prep frenzy recently I had no idea how happy I’d be that I had them! Since I finally admitted, or rather my body forced me to admit, that I am sick Mr. Comfortable and I have been eating well with very little work. But I also wanted to so more than just make another slow cooker meal so I prepared the Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs a little differently. Read the recipe and method here


12 Freezer Recipes – Day 3

On day 3 I didn’t have to wake up. I was up all night because everything hurt. Well, almost everything. My right earlobe is in pretty good shape. But there are several more recipes to make and get in the freezer so I can’t stop now. This is a quest. 12 Freezer Recipes – Day 3 is the finish line. I refuse to give up and end up with fewer than my originally planned 31 meals.

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12 Freezer Meal Recipes – Day 2

After the fairly easy day of preparing freezer meals on Day 1 I was feeling pretty cocky when I got up on Day 2. My husband and my son had both agreed to help out for this day of cooking so I was sure I’d feel fine at the end of the day. “I’ll take ‘Famous Last Words’ for $1000, Alec.”

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12 Freezer Meal Recipes – Day 1

I was going to start this post writing about the onset of the colder weather and how it made me realize I need to stock my freezer. That’s how I was going to start. I hopped (so to speak) out of bed eager to start cooking. But when I actually began making the freezer meals my body reminded me I’m a professional cripple so making them in a single day wasn’t going to happen. I’ll end up with 31 meals. That makes me happy. But feeling like I cheated in Vegas and was soundly beaten from head to toe…not so much. I had to spread cooking over 3 days so this 12 freezer meal recipes – Day 1.

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Spiced Freezer Pickles

Nanny Jean, my mentor, friend, and neighbor when I was just a young wife taught me so much about life, child-rearing, and cooking. Without her I may have given up on serving anything that wasn’t store bought. One of the things she taught me was how to make spiced freezer pickles. These pickles are absolutely wonderful and are still crunchy a year after you put them in the freezer!

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