Save Cash By Using These Tips

Most people try to save money in little ways but you can save cash by using these tips! Some of them require an upfront investment but they’ll more than pay for themselves.


  1. Using compact fluorescent bulbs could save you up to 80% on your electric bill. They’re more expensive than traditional light bulbs, it’s true but they last up to 25 times longer. Look for bulbs that have the Energy Star certification. Replacing just the five lights you use most frequently could save $75 a year.
  2. Save from $50 to $500 a month by buying generic brands. You have to decide what name brands are important to you and what you are willing to go generic on. Try toiletries, pet supplies, food, and some clothing items. Going with the lower priced items is well worth it. Most, when compared label to label are exactly the same as the high priced brand names.
  3. Low flow faucets can lower your water bill by up to 60%. Faucet aerators are $10 to $20 and low flow shower heads are about $20. Your water bill will be reduced by 25% to 60%.
  4. Before buying anything online check the Internet for coupon codes. has lots of coupon codes for free shipping online. and http://www.couponsherpa even have apps you can use on your phone and lots of great coupons from grocery to clothing.
  5. Want to save about $2,150 a year on food? Buying a programmable slow cooker for about $50 can save you that much. Most families either order food in or eat out at least once a week. A family of four spends around $50 in a restaurant. By using a slow cooker and eating at home one more night a week you can save over $2,000!
  6. Insulating your hot water heater and the pipes around it can save you nearly 10%. Insulating blankets run about $20 and hold in up to 40% more heat.
  7. Many veterinarians hold free clinics once or twice a year. You can save about $350 by attending one of these clinics. If your vet doesn’t host one the animal-control office for your county and the Humane Society can direct you to one.
  8. Did you know May is the best month to shop for mattresses and refrigerators? Retailers have common sales cycles and you can save on nearly everything if you pick the right month to buy. gives a month-by-month buying guide on everything.
  9. Bottled water drains your wallet of about $200 a year. If you can’t stand your tap water try buying a basic Brita water pitcher and 12 filters. You can save nearly $200 in a year!
  10. Size matters when it comes to cookware. A six inch pot on an eight inch burner wastes more than 40% of that burner’s heat and nearly $40 a year if you have an electric stove and nearly $20 for a gas range. Use pots and pans with flat bottoms that fit the burners to save.

Author: Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma (known as Bam) who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for my brood. I have a disability so you may pick up tips on how to do things when some things just don't work right!

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