Facts About Food You May Not Know


Everyone needs to eat. Food is not an option if you want to survive. But food is so much more than nourishment for our bodies. It provides comfort and stirs memories. For many of us the kitchen is the heart of our homes. We lovingly prepare food for our family and friends but there are facts about food you may not know. And you may not want to know.

1. The 31 ounce “trenta” size cup from Starbucks is larger than the average capacity of a human stomach. This means that you’re stretching your stomach if you drink it all.
2. Soft drinks do damage to more than your teeth. Whether you call it soda, pop, or another name these drinks leach calcium from bones. This leads to lower bone density and osteoporosis.
3. If you love apples you may want to pick them yourself. In the United States the apples sold in stores may be up to a year old.
4. Speaking of apples they belong to the rose family as do plums and pears.
5. The next time you sprinkle nutmeg into your eggnog keep in mind that, in very large concentrations, nutmeg causes hallucinations.
6. Ever wonder why some meat looks so red and fresh in the grocery store? A large percentage of meat in the United States is treated with carbon monoxide to make it look that way.
7. The United Kingdom consumes more cans of baked beans than the rest of the world combined!
8. Remember the movie “Soylent Green?” Well, there’s a food substitute that’s intended to supply all of your nutritional needs and it’s called “Soylent.” Is it people? Who knows?
9. Trying to lose weight? Consider this; The Ceasar salad at McDonald’s has more calories than their hamburger.
10. One fast food hamburger may contain meat from 100 different cows.
11. Perhaps it’s the revenge of the cows but more people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food.
12. According to the FDA the stickers on fruit are edible. GMO fruit, however, is not.
13. There is more real lemon in a can of Pledge furniture polish than in Country Time lemonade.
14. If you are careful to check the expiration date on your bottled water you should know the date is for the bottle not the water.
15. You have to love the Russians! Until 2011 beer was considered a soft drink not alcohol.
16. The next time you make soup you may want to try the oldest known recipe for it. Dating from about 6,000 BC ingredients include hippopotamus and sparrow meat. I guess it was a “something for everyone” kind of recipe.
17. Everyone has her favorite pizza topping and in Brazil it’s green peas!
18. In South Korea Dunkin’ Donuts offers flavors that probably wouldn’t go over well in their American or European stores. How about Kimchi Croquette and Glazed Garlic donuts with your coffee?
19. To make jelly beans shiny, shellac is used. But the shellac is made from Kerria lacca insect excretions. I wonder if Ronnie knew.
20. Castoreum is used as vanilla flavoring in candies, baked goods, etc. and is a secretion from the anal glands of beavers. Pass the cupcakes!
21. You’d probably be upset to find a human hair in your bread. You’d be even more upset to find duck feathers. But both of these are used to make the softening agent L-cysteine which is found in some bread.
22. Coconut water can be used as blood plasma. I wouldn’t recommend trying it the other way around.
23. After reading this fact you may want to start making my homemade Ranch Dressing. Ranch dressing has an ingredient to make it appear whiter. The ingredient is titanium dioxide and it’s used in sunscreen and paint for the same effect.
24. The same wax you use to polish your car is used on fruit flavored snacks. Does that mean we should lick cherry red cars?
25. Canola oil was originally called rapeseed oil. In 1978 the Canadian oil industry changed the name to avoid negative connotations.
26. You’d have to walk the length of a football field to burn the calories from one plain M&M.
27. Ketchup was used as a medicine in the 1800’s. People also used to take tomato pills. Tomatoes were believed to cure diarrhea among other things.
28. A banana tree will produce only one bunch of bananas in its life. But the bunch, called a hand, will contain from 100 – 400 bananas. And the banana tree isn’t a true fruit but an herb and the banana is its berry.
29. Kissing is thought to have originated when mothers passed partially chewed food to their infants during weaning. Pucker up and pass the hippo and sparrow soup!
30. If you’re planning a dinner for a crowd consider serving camel. It is still served at some Bedouin weddings. This gargantuan entrée was offered by royalty in Morocco several hundred years ago. The recipe calls for the camel to be cleaned then stuffed with one whole lamb, 20 chickens, 60 eggs, and 110 gallons of water, among other ingredients. I wonder what they do with the leftovers.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma (known as Bam) who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for my brood. I have a disability so you may pick up tips on how to do things when some things just don't work right!

2 thoughts on “Facts About Food You May Not Know”

  1. Who knew?? Beaver anal secretions, more lemon in furniture spray, and pass the camel, lamb, chicken dish please?? Get high on a spice?? Vegetarians aren’t safe any more either!!
    Thanks for the dinner convo for tonight Beth!! Hmm, should I wait until we finish eating? =]

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