Restoring My Neglected Flower Beds

As part of my Goals and Challenges for 2017 I wanted to get the flower beds back into shape. Sadly a lot of the perennials I had planted were mistakenly uprooted when Mr. Comfortable “weeded” for me a couple of years ago. Other plants just came to the end of their lives. Now it’s time for me to begin restoring my neglected flower beds. I hope you can use some of the tricks I’m using to help your flower gardens!

Restoring My Neglected Flower Beds

Restoring My Neglected Flower Beds


Author: Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma (known as Bam) who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for my brood. I have a disability so you may pick up tips on how to do things when some things just don't work right!

46 thoughts on “Restoring My Neglected Flower Beds”

  1. Ouch, nasty sprain! Who knew gardening was so dangerous? You look like you have your work cut out for you! While I think flowers are lovely, I’m much too lazy and uninterested in gardening to care for any. The only reason we have a vegetable garden is that my husband is the one who takes care of everything. I did have potted wildflowers a couple of summers ago when I sowed a packet of seeds my grandma bought for me. It was lovely to see them (and on the plus side, they didn’t require any maintenance at all, really).

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    1. I’ve been ordered by Mr. C & Pete to stay in bed with my foot elevated today. So naturally I’m at my computer with my foot hanging down! LOL I love the vegetable garden because I know what we’re eating. In these days of GMO’s I hate buying produce! But I may have bitten off more than I can chew trying to do the flower beds and the vegetables. Time will tell.

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  2. Good luck with the flower beds (or should I wish Mr. Comfortable and Pete good luck?)! 🙂 I may have to look into some of those plants; we have a lot of trees, so we need shade plants if we’re going to have plants around out house, haha. Our daffodils are the same way; we haven’t separated them in many years.

    Yikes, yeah, who knew they could be dangerous? o_O Purple is my favorite color, but I bet your foot wishes it wasn’t purple right now. And twice as big, wow! That sounds painful.

    Buffalo Chicken Pizza?! That sounds lovely! 😍

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    1. I’m going to at least supervise out there. I need more shade plants for the front. Long house and not enough landscape. The hill is in full sun so that’s easy.
      Pete came over again and made us dinner. That kid is one sweet man!
      I like purple but now things are greenish yellow. Ick.

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      1. Supervising is a good idea! 🙂

        Oh, that’s nice! Yes, it seems to be easier to find plants for full sun than shade. Good luck with your plants! 🙂

        Awww, that is so nice of him! He is sweet indeed!

        I tried to find a bright side to that one, but… eww. XD I hope it looks normal again soon!

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      2. I actually don’t remember how I did it. But with how painful it is and how awful it looks, I really should be able to remember. o_O It’s possible I kicked a plastic storage box, but I’m not certain… it seems worse than the typical “Grace tripped over something again” bruise. I’m fairly clumsy, so I run into a lot of things and I don’t know which one of them was the culprit. 😂 Thankfully, it’s a lot better now than it was a couple of days ago. 🙂

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      3. 😂 😂 😂 That’s good advice!

        Thank you! 🙂 My leg is feeling pretty good when it comes to the bruise – but then I did some garden work and I got into some poison oak… so now there’s a rash nearly on top of the bruise – and on my other leg, my arms, and a bit on my chest, back and scalp because the stuff spread like wildfire when I scratched it. 😜 I’m pink with calamine lotion trying to stop it. XD

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      4. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that, especially knowing what it feels like. 😜

        I’m glad you haven’t had it. Haha, you must be like my dad. He can touch it and not break out at all. Why couldn’t I have inherited that gene?! XD

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      5. Oh my. XD It’s funny how sometimes when we say that something never happens to us, it almost immediately happens to us. 😂 That still sounds bad though, even if it wasn’t poison ivy!

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      6. There’s a plan afoot to get me back on a farm. It’ll take a few years but I may be back on 50 acres! Please pray that it happens! It’s an idyllic place and it would relieve a lot of our financial issues, too!

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      7. I’d definitely have more ducks, chickens, and rabbits. We’d HAVE to have a couple of goats. It’s a rule. I know it’s a rule because I made it a rule.
        It’s been so long since Remy saw any large critters he might faint.

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      8. That would be lovely! 😀 Yes, definitely goats! Haha, that would be my rule too. 😂 I’ve always wanted a goat. Fainting goats, if possible.

        Say… if you got fainting goats, Remy and the goats could all faint when they meet each other. XD

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      9. ROFL! They would! Mr. C has never had livestock but when I showed him videos of baby goats he was hooked. Now I just have to get him to accept that the occasional goat would end up in the freezer.
        A boy (now a state Senator here) who was in 4H with our boys had fainting goats. I was evil and would make them faint for fair-goers all the time.

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      10. LOL! 😂 I’m not sure if I could be considered “city people” – I don’t live in the city, but not on a farm either – but I would love to see the goats faint and hear the turkeys gobble too! That’s so funny that you could accomplish both with one loud clap! XD

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  3. What a blessing about the veggies and plants! So sorry about your foot. I go away for 12 days and you go and hurt yourself 🙂 I’d say take it easy but we both know you have to keep busy. But you will get it all up to snuff in no time, that I am sure of :):)

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    1. I was absolutely perfectly behaved for most of one day. Then I got up and started doing things. I once had a doctor tell me I was a “non-compliant Type A.” I hate to admit it but he was right!

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